The advantages of hemp

No other plant is as universally useful as hemp. Hemp can be used to produce clothing, food, oils and energy, paper and building materials as well as numerous remedies. Hemp can be grown and processed without chemicals. It is very tear-resistant and is generally regarded as the most stable plant fibre.

No pesticides are required for the growth process of a hemp plant. Nevertheless, a field of hemp produces three times as much fibre as a cotton field of the same size, and even four times as much paper as a forest of the same size.

Hemp is easy to grow in our latitudes and has been indigenous for thousands of years. The hemp plant grows up to four metres high in around 100 days, is ideal for crop rotation and does not require monocultural planting. No harmful chemicals are used during cultivation, harvesting or processing. Hemp is moisture-resistant, has an odour-neutralising effect and is resistant to perspiration.

Compared to cotton, hemp absorbs three times as much moisture and dries three times as quickly.

Another advantage of hemp fibres is their dirt-repellent effect, which means less energy consumption during washing.

In addition to fibres for textiles, building materials and paper, hemp provides a valuable oil. The hemp seeds from which it is pressed were a staple food for humans and animals in many regions of the world and contain over 20 % protein and essential fatty acids. The content of therapeutically valuable gamma-linolenic acid (against neurodermatitis and skin diseases) makes hemp oil unique among edible oils.

Hemp is also one of the oldest remedies in medicine. For cramps and tension of all kinds, migraines, nausea and numerous serious ailments, the hemp active ingredient THC provides unique relief, naturally without harmful side effects.

Cannabis is one of the most non-toxic substances of all. Hemp has been one of mankind's most important raw materials for thousands of years and has provided the most diverse and cheapest products. There is no other plant that converts sunlight faster and more universally. This makes hemp the ideal raw material for the circular economy of our modern age.